La città ha bisogno della montagna. La montagna ha diritto alla città

Giuseppe Dematteis
The history of mountain territories has always been – and still is – dominated by imaginations becoming reality: since the beginnings of modernity, mountains have been perceived as an occasional reservoir of nature and leisure for growing cities; later on, such cities largely penetrated the mountains which, as mere urban dependences, gradually but inexorably became depopulated and abandoned: it is estimated that more than 20% of Italian territories are currently in such state of abandonment.
more » ... of abandonment. Over the recent years, however, we are witnessing a major turnabout in this trend: 'amenity migrants', immigrants and people looking for 'free' spaces to grow a green and fair economy, are slowly repopulating mountain areas, dispelling the widespread prejudices about their marginality: this is not a structural handicap, but a historical condition depending on the lacks of policies focused on their peculiar development styles and opportunities – which can obviously vary from case to case. This change in our attitude towards the mountains can pave the way to multiple scenarios of integration between them and the cities, in which a more balanced redistribution of (spatial, social, economic and cultural) centralities can foster new and different development models at the territorial scale.
doi:10.13128/scienze_territorio-19410 fatcat:p3tzhr24ere2nk4nadvdwedb5u