Genetic diversity of NRAMP1 3'-UTR microsatellite in cattle breeds reared in Sardinia

Michele Pazzola, Maria Luisa Dettori, Marcello Atzeni, Davide Balia, Giuseppe Massimo Vacca
2009 Italian Journal of Animal Science  
The aim of this study was to compare the allele frequency of �'-UTR NRAMP1 (Natural Resistance-Associated Macrophage Protein) microsatellite between local and specialized dairy cattle breeds reared in Sardinia, Italy. Blood samples were collected and DNA was e�tracted from ��7 Sarda, �� Italian Brown and ��� Italian Friesian cattle and analysed by means of PCR and PCR-SSCP. On the whole, three alleles were found, GT 1� , GT 14 , and GT 1� . GT 1� showed the highest frequency in all the breeds��
more » ... 0.874 in the Sarda, 0.��7� in the Italian Brown and 1 in the Italian Friesian. For the Sarda, both GT 14 and GT 1� showed a frequency of 0.0���, while for the Italian Brown 0.018 and 0.00��, respectively. Homozygous GT 1� /GT 1� was the unique genotype for the Italian Friesian and the most representative for the Italian Brown (0.����4) and Sarda (0.82�). The other genotypes for the Sarda were�� GT 14 /GT 14 (0.042), GT 1� /GT 14 (0.010), GT 1� /GT 1� (0.0��4) and GT 14 /GT 1� (0.0�1); as regards the Italian Brown, both GT 14 /GT 14 and GT 1� /GT 1� showed a genotypic frequency of 0.018. The observed heterozygosity was lower than the e�pected value both for the Sarda and the Italian Brown. Sarda showed a higher genetic variability than Italian Brown and Italian Friesian.
doi:10.4081/ijas.2009.s2.126 fatcat:lqzahuxkkvbpzikag63tb5hhju