Damped least square based genetic algorithm with Ggaussian distribution of damping factor for singularity-robust inverse kinematics

Le Minh Phuoc, Philippe Martinet, Sukhan Lee, Hunmo Kim
2008 Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology  
Robot inverse kinematics based on Jacobian inversion encounters critical issues of kinematic singularities. In this paper, several techniques based on damped least squares are proposed to lead robot pass through kinematic singularities without excessive joint velocities. Unlike other work in which the same damping factor is used for all singular vectors, this paper proposes a different damping coefficient for each singular vector based on corresponding singular value of the Jacobian. Moreover,
more » ... continuous distribution of damping factor following Gaussian function guarantees the continuous in joint velocities. A genetic algorithm is utilized to search for the best maximum damping factor and singular region, which used to require ad hoc searching in other works. As a result, end effector tracking error, which is inherited from damped least squares by introducing damping factors, is minimized. The effectiveness of our approach is compared with other methods in both non-redundant robot and redundant robot.
doi:10.1007/s12206-008-0427-4 fatcat:6rsbgqmuljdt7ik57tqgn3ynqy