Ethymological Features of the Legal Ideology Study in Modern Legal Doctrine

Kh.M. Markovych
2021 Zenodo  
The article covers the legal ideology concept and the definition of its place in modern legal doctrine. Theoretical study of legal ideology is a prerequisite for solving the primary problems of socio-legal reality. The article focuses on a complex analysis of scientific approaches to understanding this legal category. The multifaceted nature of legal ideology, which is considered as a social phenomenon, a legal category, an element of legal consciousness, is emphasized. It was found that the
more » ... lization of legal ideology as a legal phenomenon requires the expression of legal ideas in the principles and norms of law. It is proved that the basis of legal ideology is a legal idea that arises from social, economic, legal reality. The significant influence of legal ideology on individual and public legal awareness is emphasized. Such influence shapes lawful human behavior and fosters respect for the law. The close connection between legal ideology and the legal regulation process is considered. In this aspect, legal ideology in the form of a certain theory, idea, lays the foundation of legal regulation, which contributes to the definition of its priority methods. It is noted that the legal ideology reflects the current state of legal relations, establishes the main objectives of the legislation and the legal system. The indisputable connection of legal ideology with culture is emphasized and its role in the formation of legal culture is defined. Therefore, the degree of development of the legal worldview largely determines the civilizational maturity degree of society and the individual. The purposeful and indirect influence of law on legal consciousness and legal ideology is demonstrated. The objective and subjective conditions of this influence are analyzed. The considered definitions of legal ideology contributed to the understanding of its legal nature and functions. It was found that all analyzed definitions of legal ideology combine such immutable components as legal ideas, theories, concepts, views. It is prove [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4723884 fatcat:xl2b7rlmuvfrrluerh5tppufky