International migration [unknown]

1949 unpublished
This paper surveys current theoretical and empirical research on international migration with a particular emphasis on the links between trade theory and labor empirics. JEL Classification: F2 * This paper was prepared for the Handbook of International Trade edited by Daniel Bernhofen, Rod Falvey and David Greenaway. The published version was dramatically shortened, resulting in the excision of most of the technical content as well as most of the references. 1 The academic literature on
more » ... ion is so large, and so well served by surveys, that one could easily write a survey of the surveys. Most closely related to the approach taken here, there have been several surveys from a trade theoretic perspective. Of particular note are: Ruffin (1984); Ethier (1986c;; Razin and Sadka(1994); Venables (1999); and Schiff (1999) . Also of note is Wong's (1995) textbook on international trade that seeks to incorporate factor mobility as an essential element throughout the text-chapters 4 (on factor mobility in general) and 14 (on immigration) are particularly relevant. These all focus virtually exclusively on the theory, in this chapter we seek to incorporate coverage of relevant empirical work.
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