An Experimental Assessment of Compression Ra-tio and Evaluation of Aluminium Cylinder Head in Bi-Fuel(Gasoline+CNG) Engines

A Firouzgan, Corresponding Authors
2010 Downloaded from at   unpublished
The first step in dealing with the behavior of an engine on NG mode is the installation of a suitable gas fueling system on the engine. Two generations of gas fueling systems which were studied and installed on research engine were Mixer type and Sequential system type. The results, including performance, emissions and fuel consumption, were recorded and analyzed. The results showed that the sequential gas fueling system is better than the mixer type. The power loss in mixer type is 1.78%
more » ... type is 1.78% higher than that of the other one. On the other hand, injection multi-point sequential gas system makes 1.75% improvement in torque view.