Research of fungal diseases of herbaceous plants exposed from Aksu Ferroalloy Plant

A. Tuleubayeva, Innovative University of Eurasia, A. Ospanova, A. Beysembay, Innovative University of Eurasia, Academician E.A. Buketov Karaganda University
2021 Bulletin of the Innovative University of Eurasia  
Main problem: Technogenic "metamorphosis" of vegetation near such large industrial facilities as Pavlodar is considered to be the result of various active chemical and mechanical factors provoked by economic activities associated with the influence of emissions from industrial companies. The effect of anthropogenic impacts on vegetation in all regions of Kazakhstan varies and is largely dependent on the economic development of the territory, but in any case, the end result of this impact is the
more » ... this impact is the change in the vegetation, causing violations of with structure, reduced vodorazdelnaya flora and productivity of communities. This, in turn, can cause infection of herbaceous plants with pathogenic fungi, which then carry with them: a decrease in the intensity of plant growth, a deterioration in their decorative qualities, a decrease in the survival of the biological species. Purpose: to study the types of fungi-pathogens of phytopathogenic diseases and to determine the degree of modification of the plant component, which is under intense negative technogenic influence from the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant (AFР). Мethods: For the experimental study, species of plants such as: Artemisia dracunculus L; Artemesia vulgaris L; Atriplex fera L; Atriplex patula L; Artemisia annua L were selected for the content of fungi- pathogens of phytopathogenic diseases. Results and their significance: This experimental study was aimed at the presence of fungi-pathogens of herbaceous plants as a result of human impact, occurring near the industrial zone "AFР". The composition of fungi-pathogens of herbaceous plants collected in this industrial zone was considered and studied. According to the results of an experimental laboratory study, phytopathogenic fungi of herbaceous plants belonging to 1 ordo, 1 familia, and 4 species were found.
doi:10.37788/2021-1/126-131 fatcat:6i3g4zs4ezcmta5mlnbocarckq