Phylogenetic Analysis of Citrus tristeza virus Isolates of Wild Type Citrus in China

Long YI, Chang-yong ZHOU
2014 Journal of Integrative Agriculture  
The genetic variation and phylogenetic relationships of Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) isolates collected from Chinese wild type citrus were analyzed by comparing the sequences of nine genomic regions (p23, p20, p13, p18, p25, p27, POL, HEL and k17) with the CTV isolates of cultivated citrus from different countries. The results showed that the divergence pattern of genomic RNA of the CTV isolates from wild type citrus was similar to that of other isolates from cultivated citrus, the 3' proximal
more » ... gion was relatively conserved, and the 5' proximal region had greater variability. The nine genomic regions of CTV isolates analyzed were found to have been under purifying selection in the evolution process. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the eleven Chinese wild CTV isolates were located at different clades and did not reflect their geographical origins, suggesting genetic diversity among the Chinese wild CTV populations. These results will aid in the understanding of molecular evolution of the Chinese CTV populations.
doi:10.1016/s2095-3119(13)60730-3 fatcat:hr42nzl3tbadrkthzyjpmtf6yq