Chayanan Kerdpitak, Chanathat Boonrattanakittibhumi
2020 Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues  
The purpose of this study is to embrace the theoretical context of operational proficiency and accordingly examines the connection between human resource-linked with quality assurance system and development of novel product taking with the consideration to operational proficiency, learning system, knowledge assimilation, and strategic adaptability. Learning system and knowledge assimilation are correlated with strategic adaptability of an organization, and strategic adaptability is the
more » ... ed capability, which enables development of novel product. In order to empirically examine the connection, data was gathered from ASEAN organizations and structural equation modeling was carried out. Findings reveal that human resource connected with quality assurance system facilitate in establishing learning focused organization, unifying knowledge and assists in development of novel product. Moreover, Unification of knowledge is progressively associated with development of new product via strategic adaptability. 265 The process in which organization modifies its operational procedures, overall structure, culture and technology, as well as the bearing effect these modifications has on the organization is called organizational changes. Organizational changes also require nurturing a learning as well as knowledge sharing environment where employees can easily adjust with modification. It becomes evidently important for Human resource to initiate programs which facilitates employees of the organization to not only explore but also apply their experience and knowledge which further cultivate ingenuity and stimulate organization towards new opportunities (Prajogo, Oke, 2016) . Therefore, HR needs to provide the basic groundwork based on that; operational proficiency of an organization can be materialized which is then connected with development of novel product (Hsiao-Yun Liang et al., 2015). This diverse approach of HR connected with quality assurance system can go long way in making organization more penetrating to the disparities of the environment, it will be supple strategically and accordingly will be able to embrace the variation efficiently.
doi:10.9770/jssi.2020.9.3(20) fatcat:32kudbxslzaunoig3qhjfwzcay