Discussion on the Application of Warm Yang to Promote Qi Transformation in Acne Mastitis from "Yang Promotes Qi Transformation and Yin Promotes Forming"

Yupei Chen, Zhenlin Chen, Pu Zhang
2021 Journal of Clinical and Nursing Research  
"Yang promotes Qi transformation and Yin promotes forming" maintains the normal progress of human life activities, which is an important embodiment of human vitality. The dysfunction of "Yang promotes Qi transformation and Yin promotes forming" leads to the coagulation of pathological products such as phlegm and blood stasis in the breast meridian, resulting in the occurrence of acne mastitis. In clinical treatment, we should take "warm Yang to promote Qi transformation" as the treatment
more » ... le, and add or subtract according to the specific situation.
doi:10.26689/jcnr.v5i6.2726 fatcat:qu7rzcah65gszd5ve5gztruxwe