Impact Factor: 2.48 Synthesis and Characterization of Binuclear Schiff Base Copper(II) Complexes Derived From Acyclic End-Off Ligands: Spectral, Electrochemical and Computational Studies

D Anil, Koola
2017 International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Scientific Research   unpublished
are characterized by IR, UV-Vis, Single crystal X-Ray diffraction, emission and electrochemical studies. The UV-Visible spectrum of complex 1b shows a dramatic red shift of the d-d transition band when compared to that of 1a and 1c due to high distortion in the geometry of the complex. All the complexes exhibit quasi-reversible one electron redox processes (Cu II Cu II Cu II Cu I Cu I Cu I) at highly negative potentials (E 1 pc =-0.519 to-0.543 V, E 2 pc =-1.282 to-1.357 V). Density Functional
more » ... heory (DFT) calculations support the spectral study on the effect of distortion around the metal centres, electronic and electrochemical properties of the complexes.