Locally Harmonic Maass Forms and the Kernel of the Shintani Lift

K. Bringmann, B. Kane, W. Kohnen
2014 International mathematics research notices  
In this paper we define a new type of modular object and construct explicit examples of such functions. Our functions are closely related to cusp forms constructed by Zagier [37] which played an important role in the construction by Kohnen and Zagier [26] of a kernel function for the Shimura and Shintani lifts between half-integral and integral weight cusp forms. Although our functions share many properties in common with harmonic weak Maass forms, they also have some properties which
more » ... contrast those exhibited by harmonic weak Maass forms. As a first application of the new theory developed in this paper, one obtains a new proof of the fact that the even periods of Zagier's cusp forms are rational as an easy corollary. (1.2) Ω (τ, z) := 0<D≡0,1 (mod 4) f k,D (τ ) e 2πiDz .
doi:10.1093/imrn/rnu024 fatcat:ufph7hpc4jewpoun3syvc6rj5a