Experimental Analysis of Damping on Layered & Riveted Joint Beam: A Review

Md Sakib, Prawaz Ansari, A K Jain
2014 Scientific Journal Impact Factor: 3.449 (ISRA)   unpublished
The present investigation highlights the effect of interfacial slip on the damping of layered cantilever beams jointed with rivets undergoing free vibration. The inclusion of mechanical joints bears a strong influence in the overall system performance and behaviour, particularly the damping level of the structures. In fact, the damping and its improvement in machines or structures are one of the biggest challenges to the Practicing engineers. Usually, such structures inherently possess low
more » ... tural damping necessitating the introduction of additional measures to improve their damping characteristics in order to control the harmful effects of vibration in normal operating conditions. Most of the damping in built-up structures is thus attributed to micro-slip at the interfaces. This design concept of using layered structures with riveted joints can be effectively utilized in trusses and frames, aircraft and aerospace structures, bridges, machine members, robots and many other applications where higher damping is required.