On the Calculation of gl.dimG^N(A) and gl.dimA by Using Gröbner Bases [article]

Huishi Li
2008 arXiv   pre-print
Let A=K< X_1,...,X_n> /< G> be a K-algebra defined by a finite Gröbner basis G. It is shown how to use the Ufnarovski graph Γ ( LM( G)) and the graph of n-chains Γ_ C( LM( G)) to calculate gl.dimG^N(A) and gl.dimA, where G^N(A), respectively A, is the associated N-graded algebra of A, respectively the Rees algebra of A with respect to the N-filtration FA of A induced by a weight N-grading filtration of K< X_1,...,X_n>.
arXiv:0805.0686v1 fatcat:cf5en46drbamhl3qbrxifopvea