A miniature Cocoanut and its oil

C. A. Lathrap
1922 Journal of Oil & Fat Industries  
32 Manure salts. Dissolved bone and potash. (b) Additional questions which have been considered. The following additional questions have received the consideration of the Committee. I. Shall the Committee encourage and urge the practice of including the formula grade of fertilizer with the brand name? The Committee recommends and urges the practice of including the formula grade of fertilizer with the brand name, depending upon the section of country where the product is sold, for example,
more » ... 4-8-4 or 8-4-4. 2. The question of a uniform plan of reporting fertilized analysis in control work. What should constitute a proper detailed analysis report? The Committee would encourage not only a study of the quantity of plant food guaranteed in any fertilizer, but also a study of any methods that might result in the improvement of the quality of said plant food, even though this was not called for in the fertilizer law. 3. Interpretation of results on Nitrogen Availability. (c) Proposed subjects which the Committee feels could be more appropriately handled by the fertilizer referee and so recommends: t. The consideration of grinding analytical fertilizer samples finer than through a I m.m. round hole sieve. 2. A suggestion that the official method for the determination of ammonia in fertilizer be interpreted as being applicable to sulfate of ammonia, and that further study be made on the determination of moisture in this salt. 3. A further investigation of the determination of total and insoluble Phosphoric Acid iu vegetable meals and in mixtures containing them. The Conimittee welcomes suggestions and further subjects by any one interested." H. S. B.
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