An Empirical Study and Policy Implications Regarding Correlations of Korean Small Businessman's Perception of Systematization Using Cluster Analysis
한국 소상공인의 조직화 인식도 상호관계에 관한 실증적 연구와 정책적 시사점 : 군집분석을 이용한 접근

Geun-Ha Suh, Kwang-No Lee, Sung-Wook Yoon
2011 Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society  
In this study, association of small business is divided into four groups: Franchise, Joint Brand, Industry Association and Registered Retailer. Cluster analysis is taken to find what kind of strategic considerations associated small businesses choose when they set up new strategies. The results show that there are some differences in the perception of association, effects of association and final performance of management by gender, academic background, and age. The data also find three
more » ... : price competitive, marketing competitive and neither group. Implications of this study is that government should focus more on not only improving infrastructures of self-businesses but also associating small businesses, modernizing managerial systems in the future.
doi:10.5762/kais.2011.12.3.1157 fatcat:f3sd37z63fe4tk35zknes64n3u