Nanaimo Free Press [Tuesday, July 4, 1905] [article]

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qr^rim lfclTOim0 "-Q^^ c»»ooBn» v_; VOLUMB xxxn. NUMBHRea MASAIMO. BBITI8B OOLUIIBIA TUBSDAT. JULY 4. 1U05 1 IFfI liL LIi[ Toilet Soap JUST IN I Ranging from lOc a box up to 75c a box. PEACE CONFERENCE , STILL HANOS FIRE Qusstiooable Whether Japan WiU Agree to an Armistioe At Present Stage of War. NEW FEATURE IN GIBBONS CASE Knaaia Is WiUing and Efforts Am Being Made to Come Nearer an Understanding. / Nearer a 8U P*Unbnr(.\luUr 4.-WIU OMapleUon of Uw r a tMuia tar paam Um Wuhiostoo P«u»\iux-Un<
more » ... Fn>i-ia PoMlbla. Buuik'a coaMot Mau 0«it h«. ft-•muzoA. 1. dUdommUe circh* it U foru to brine about on arnUMioo. | Mt that Qrant UriUtin could r< .No li^t h» b«n ahown upon tbc'«r*lcn hr tlinatr udvioe to bar ctntua at the ncgx>U»tloii» or the I but co Inr n« known ahs la not ine betwwo Um Buwlan ni>d' Should the Piuiddant be nblc to » Japunew rxrcrmnenU and Wnahlne-aarfuUjr aminfu the pnUmlnartec ton. The matter ie an euMdincIy appeara «riain that ncfoUationa I dallcau one. but the outlook tbr ' an armUtioe wiU be concluded < It Japan U ready to nbeath the | Said In 1 WHOLESAl£ BUOOTlhO. ClnelnnaU. Jol/ 4.-The bodr" Wmiam Gander, who laat nljht ihot hie wife, hlh brother4n-law ind an other man and one ol the polu who tried to niTcat him «ep f""*"! today not tar from hto hdiiie. 'IMO liAKKIiy. NOTICE OF REMOVAL <»->■.« I.MI.e rale of the Green Block 08-CE0.B. BRAWN.: DentUt, ------Ha. o,M-mal hisomcein the____ QIB80N BLOCK ovprlhe I.'o,al Bank of Canada. F Reh ri . . • from all ...
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