A Basic Model of the Procurement Planning of Resources by Activity in Construction Projects
건축공사 액티비티별 소요자원 조달계획의 기초모델링

Ji-Hyun Kim, Gi-Yung Nam, Soo-Yong Lee
2012 Journal of the Korea Institute of Building Construction  
Recently, the construction industry has been pursuing the rationalization of its various systems through informatization . Procurement is a highly important element of the construction process, as it is directly related to the cost and quality of a construction project. In addition, procurement management of resources is in an indivisible relation, so that it is significant to link each other effectively. This study proposed construction activity and basic data connected to cost summary work
more » ... ost summary work for the categorization and utilization of resources . This study connected that activity to detailed items of material and labor cost, and proposed a procurement planning model of resources by activity that can utilize all resources and information. In addition, this model can classify resources and information by various forms. We found that the utilization of this procurement planning model will be higher because it can grasp various problems that occur in the passive procurement and provide additional functions that can be modified.
doi:10.5345/jkibc.2012.12.3.340 fatcat:lhfzxswzqre5nfgtjyuoghssae