Construction of an Intelligent Arrangement Model for Vocal Music Based on HPC Cluster Programming

Tianzhuo Gong, Chunli Han, Sheng Bin
2022 Scientific Programming  
We model in this paper the HPC cluster programming structure and perform a multidimensional computational analysis to design a vocal intelligent arrangement model based on HPC cluster programming using brilliant vocal arrangement. This paper proposes the construction scheme of the HPC interconnection simulation environment based on the full investigation of the research related to the construction of a supercomputer simulation environment at home and abroad. The rapid development of HPC
more » ... gy has promoted the study of automatic music generation technology, which effectively avoids the traditional machine learning method of music. The rapid growth of HPC technology has facilitated the research of automated music generation techniques, which effectively avoids the overreliance of conventional machine learning methods on music rules and artificial design features. It achieves better results in complex music generation tasks. The key features of intelligent music arrangement are designed and implemented by summarizing the principles of converting paintings to music and then creating the rules of converting images to music and the corresponding relationships based on the theoretical basis. After the conversion rules are clarified, the specific design is carried out according to the computing process of the genetic algorithm. At the same time, the framework of the arrangement is combined with children's aesthetic psychology; the evolutionary adaptation function is developed in combination with music theory, which finally ensures the motility of the generated music.
doi:10.1155/2022/9728085 fatcat:ecnul5nopzezlnd2xqfbjiwpzi