A Foreign Body in the Maxillary Sinus; A Case Report

2002 Practica Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica  
We report a case of a foreign body in the maxillary sinus. The patient was a 25-year-old female who had been admitted in our hospital with hyperphagia and vomiting. A dentist incidentally found an abnormal shadow in the right maxillary sinus on X-ray examination, but the patient did not complain of any nasal symptoms. The foreign body in the maxillary sinus demonstrated a curvedshape, but we could not accurately identify the foreign body. Caldwell-Luc procedure was performed and the foreign
more » ... was removed from the maxillary sinus without any complications. The foreign body was identified as gutta-percha which had been used as a root canal filling material. We thought that a foreign body was accidentally inserted into the maxillary sinus during dental treatment.
doi:10.5631/jibirin.95.1049 fatcat:wzjogmydkzhs3ikrjz3mh5f5yu