Soothing suffering swimmers: a systematic review of the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries in competitive swimmers

T. Gaunt, N. Maffulli
2011 British Medical Bulletin  
This review details the examination, diagnosis, treatment and management of injuries encountered by competitive swimmers. Primarily, these involve the shoulder, however, the spine, knee and hip can be involved. Using the Coleman methodology score, we show that the methods used in obtaining and reporting clinical findings and intervention results could be improved. Where possible, we suggest improvements. Sources of data: A literature review was conducted in English, Italian, French and German
more » ... ing PubMed, Google Scholar and Ovid search engines with strict inclusion/exclusion criteria. Areas of agreement: Poor technique, and high training intensity and distance are the most common cause of missed swim practice and competition through injury. Areas of controversy: Few articles agree on a single method of each of clinical examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Growing points: Articles are consistently retrospective with few investigating spine, hip and knee injuries. Areas timely for developing research: Clinical findings and rehabilitation methods should be reported using a more structured method possibly based on the Coleman methodological scoring system.
doi:10.1093/bmb/ldr039 pmid:21893484 fatcat:glohjuzkizaezgrrvufti4yzsi