Fast Orbit Feedback System at SLSA

Yaw-Ren Tan, Noel Basten, Terry Cornall, Emmanuel Joseph Vettoor, Adam Michalczyk, David Peake, Boland, Mark (Ed.), Button, David (Ed.), Riches, Kathleen (Ed.), Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.)
Since the end of commissioning of the facility in 2006, implementing topup (completed 2012) and fast orbit feedback have been top priority upgrades to improve the stability of the light source for users. The fast orbit feedback system is currently being implemented and will be commissioned in 2016. The feedback system has a star topology with an FPGA based feedback processor at its core. The system will utilises the existing 98 Libera Electron beam position processors, with Libera Grouping for
more » ... ata aggregation, as the source of postion data at 10 kHz. The corrections are calculated in a Xilinx Vertex 6 FPGA and is transmitted to 14 corrector power supplies in the 14 sectors. These power supplies are six-channel bipolar 1 Ampere and have been developed by a local company. The corrector magnets are tertiary coils on the existing sextupole magnets in the storage ring. This report shall present the design, results of Simulink simulations, the current status of implementation and future plans.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ibic2015-tupb002 fatcat:x325c5ksivhzxgqs22m572sxem