The significance of socio-economic characteristics for adult seasonal body-weight fluctuations: a study in north-western Benin

Marti J. Van Liere, Eric-Alain D. Ategbo, Jan Hoorweg, Adel P. Den Hartog, Joseph G. A. J. Hautvast
1994 British Journal of Nutrition  
Large variations in seasonal body-weight fluctuations have been described for individuals from different households living and working under comparable circumstances. In the present study the relationship between socio-economic household characteristics and seasonal body-weight fluctuations of individual members of rural Beninese households were studied. No significant correlation was found for bodyweight fluctuation between the two study years, nor for body-weight fluctuation of men and women
more » ... elonging to the same household. When comparing dichotomized socio-economic classes for relative body-weight fluctuation of men and women in both study years, no consistent trends were observed for both years nor for both sexes. The distribution of subjects with a consistent high weight fluctuation over the two study years did not differ between socio-economic groups. In conclusion it may be stated that there were no indications that socio-economic characteristics play a determining role in the magnitude of body-weight fluctuation of this study population, despite the large variations observed in the latter. Therefore it is most likely that other factors decide the weight fluctuations of individuals, health and sanitation being the most likely candidates. Socio-economic characteristics : Seasonal body-weight fluctuation : Rural Benin
doi:10.1079/bjn19940049 pmid:7947661 fatcat:nyvbglnq6zadrl3ak64snql7xu