Personalized Medicine Revolution Medicine based on Genomics Makeup

Ajmal Rasi K P, Puneeth Vishnukeerthy K
2018 International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development  
We have acquired the scientific knowledge of medicine based on observation and experience, but it has not always been so. Our ancestors experienced sickness and the fear of death before a rational picture could be made of them, and the medicine of that tim was immersed in a system of beliefs, myths and rites. Presently, far too many diseases do not have proven preventions or treatments. There is a dire need to explore into the biological, environmental, and behavioral causal factors of these
more » ... eases. Prec medicine is a new science that takes into account the prevention and treatment of diseases by addressing specific changes genetic makeup of each person. Deviating from the conventional "one approach, genetic medicine encompasses treatm and prevention strategies for diseases applicable to the average person, and less concerned with differences between individuals. Chapter 1 -Introduction The amount of data being digitally collected and stored is vast and expanding rapidly. As a result, the science of data management and analysis is also advancing to enable organizations to convert this vast resource into information and knowledge that helps them achieve their objectives. Computer scientists have invented the term big data to describe this evolving technology. Big data has been successfully used in astronomy, retail sales, search, and politics.
doi:10.31142/ijtsrd12982 fatcat:4pxlzcvk6zcwfp2hphgxfnpac4