The Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, April 15, 1911] [article]

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I lif ClUf rumor' of-the pendlnn o( tba mlDM an fgHim ol tba W«*tem Fuel f have again baon circulating in At atraata. The Free ITea. waa in-Ignaad of it eonta time ago but did let tbiak It wlae to mention It oa It them being paaaed round. All Jlidopf*"* Ueedowa ffjt cbsae river had been ateen callml »n " m nal aetate deal* pending and Hdtr De#nllatlon had h pany, in olher a-ordn. bad IHfad the aale of Ita landa real ea T1* Free rreaa. in order lo teat lion. Interilewed fiener-St.g-Vett. It vaa
more » ... rue ment work had been aua Im for the time being, but that wa. only for the purpoae of repairing With Uie-'utmoat pooeibU d<»-patch the damage to the Protection AftaiTt ' pit U.p work, by the exploalon. oL.swi Aa for the cancellation of real late aalce, that waa only tba reault ^ , AlllUiH UtiK _ kWtW^lf t 1.16 o'clock. An amateur former roeldenU-tournament i lUno and dlatrict, and at one auepleea of cycliat of the prov-oloo on Wedn boarng and LraeUmg nay.algnt a| » p.m. Iwaah., ry 'aut and •--TflUEfLI-TiitlS aUll TftfSl ^mUMAV Tim laneral took place ymUgda, monuag at ».30 o <4«* of tire Utc O Um, who dlml to Olympi. of iaatructloa. from San Praaciwro. q « ^i««oly to try out m>d aeleet tn. the of J, CuJllg.^ s^hy earn. In.truction. hml be«t ^ ' V"ooav« l-treet. Û.l y«tr. and pr«dwdy Ih. earm. iLl^ t^^L Xwn^^tli^^ Tto rap-tt Urn ««d«Ud Urn burial mrvic* la Urn »S Uken. The compmy-U not wh^e^i^ ' "" « the gravertdat and the tb. ..1. ,.!!1 • ««»-wreeila^r chant-toUowlng art^n, of yem-e. fhe ceremony .wmi Pioii. of U.C. It la to U, bopml the lUawra: Meiwe. Joha Dnea J ^ omuHl at .St. Andrew-. Preaby-public will turn out to a man oa vta, M. McDonald, U. Mc.\'rtll ' Jmi by the Hov. J. jj. Ro-ttednoaday night as not only will Fanning and D. O. DaUay. The bride was attenilcd thej-enjoy n good night's .port but nothimr In the rwvirt m """ -at the club mm n thing In therein chin, while the groom waa support-bo«»t NanaUno*to help to aead (as Mr. Roliert Hoggan. liroiher Utj lioya' expaiaee wUl btf paid) a of akhieiea that FMNAIMO united play. CALLIES TOMORROW Ing further .alee until a proper aU-lerian chi mg up of the situation could be beruon. made. Then there that the C.N.P. Co, has secured an ed option on u*. proiKTty of the Wea-"f |hp bride: Fuel Co., prejiaratory to lak-. ing the whole bualneaa over. Mr. MI'RH.tV-BVRftX. ockett waa aakeil Ahaolulel.v nothing in It. so far I'reabyterian manae on I know.-rrt>lie<l Mr. .Sloekett. Thursday night, Daild Murray. of It follows that If Mr. SlocWdi and MIm Jeanette Byron, •bow not know <if It. nolaMly else in "nltcfl In the holy bonds town can know, and the niinora can "teirimony liy the Rev. .1, R. Robert therefore be diamlawm. *""• "«*ie *'ll«.n looked m-" */foiror"g b __________________________________ 'he bri.Ie. while the groom had " fhe aupiiort of Mr. Douglas Mitchell. Mr. and Mr*. Murrny will take up UOXlN'a. their rraidenre In Nanaimo. ■Bba luMrsl of ^ ute Chariea Om lion, an old tima resident of Maaai the coal city aiU be proud of. The T' **• earliaat. piooaera cent, lor Juniura. yeetantay at l.3o o elock. During the evening itr. * Home ^ ®°hartaoa olBeiaUd. Macdonald, the director, itill give ^ lAe Palltaarora ware Wiiri. B. an exhibition of muaeultt' o^iag and **"• "^Adla. J. ^ P-»gana ^^rnmn, B. Prow., and Wm. Me 'h,»o piiOM boM isr •
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