Sağlığa İlişkin Risklerin Önlenmesi Bağlamında Sağlık İletişimi Kampanyalarının ve Yeni Medyanın Rolü

Hatun BOZTEPE TAŞKIRAN, Engincan Yıldız
2019 Dördüncü Kuvvet Uluslararası Hakemli Dergi  
Health communication is an important discipline that enables societies to become aware of the risks associated with health and to inform the public about numerous issues that threaten the health of society. When the scope of health communication is examined, it is seen that it benefits from various methods such as campaign management and it aims to raise awareness of the risks associated with health and to develop social consciousness. This study was planned to examine the role of health
more » ... cation campaigns in the prevention of health-related risks and to reveal the impact of the new media on health-related issues and the development of awareness and in the point of taking action. In the scope of the study, the questionnaire technique, which is one of the quantitative research methods, was employed and the research was carried out with the participation of 472 people and, it was aimed in line with the research to determine what kind impact health communication campaigns and the new media have on the awareness raising of the target groups towards health-related risks. In addition, it has been revealed that target audiences have a neutral view of the impact of new media in communicating with related institutions about health-related risks, in communicating with other people about health-related risks and using new media to raise awareness in them, taking action on health risks that could be expressed as notifying institutions about health-related risks through new media.
doi:10.33464/dorduncukuvvet.582332 fatcat:g2ookyimnjdpfamtaa3viuqvve