B.O. Blyuss, Ye.V. Semenenko, O.O. Medvedeva, S.M. Kyrychko
2018 Metallurgicheskaya i gornorudnaya promyshlennost  
Purpose. The justification of the reliability and efficiency of the operation of logistics transport systems of mining enterprises taking into account the risks and peculiarities of the operation of hydrotransport systems, which is characterized by instability of the receipt of hydro-mixtures and the use of centrifugal pumps, the working point of the hydrotransportation system on the flow-pressure diagram must be within the range of possible operating modes. Methodology. An analysis of modern
more » ... thods for assessing the risks of logistics transport systems functioning in the mining and metallurgical industry with periodic changes in the parameters of the lines and transported materials in order to provide regulated production indicators. Findings. It has been proved that when moving the main pulp pump station, the risk assessment should be carried out according to two constraints: the inability to provide the cargo flow, which is regulated by the needs of the enrichment industry, and the output of the system's operating point outside the scope of possible operating modes. In both cases, the risk assessment is carried out by comparing the flow rate of the hydrosmixture, which provides the hydrotransport complex after moving the main pulp pump station, with a minimum allowable and maximum allowable flow rate. In the first case, these allowable costs are determined by the rules of the work of the enrichment industry and are within the scope of possible modes of operation, and in the second, it is the abscissa of the boundaries of the region of possible operating modes. It is established that for the majority of enterprises of the mining and metallurgical industry the restrictions on the region of possible modes of operation of the hydrotransport complex will be dominant. Originality. Based on the analysis of methods for assessing the possible risks of the operation of the logistics transport systems of the enterprises of the mining and metallurgical industry, promising directions of increasing efficiency and ensuring reliability during periodic changes in the parameters of the trunk and material being transported are substantiated. Practical value.It is concluded in the improvement of the methods for calculating the permissible lengths of logistic transport trunks, which satisfy the requirements of the concentrating production in the traffic flow, with a periodic change in the parameters of the material being transported. Keywords: hydrosmixture, high concentration, flow-pressure characteristics
doi:10.33101/s069485765 fatcat:agatq6psfffnlhm5zqmxg3trzq