Design , Implementation and Testing of SPWM Inverter on dSPACE Platform

Shilpi Bhattacharya, Asst Professor, Ashoke Mondal
2015 Ashoke Mondal / International Journal of New Technologies in Science and Engineering   unpublished
SPV based system mostly requires an inverter to deliver ac power at the consumers end. This paper presents development of a prototype of a three-phase bridge inverter for SPV applications using dSPACE 1104 hardware Real Time interface with Matlab/Simulink software. Real time Simulation environment could be obtained through dSPACE Platform in conjunction with Matlab/Simulink. In such a system the three-phase inverter model is developed in Matlab/Simulink. A current control strategy is used to
more » ... erate the PWM pulses in real time using dSPACE 1104 software hardware interface. Instantaneous voltage and current signals of the load side are fed to the control block. The real time pulses generated are then used control the power devices through proper driver circuits. The system is implemented in software and hardware interface by setting an inverter prototype and the results are presented.