Improving Healthcare Management System using Efficient Geo-Spatial Data Analysis

2015 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
Chronic medical diseases take a huge toll on lives of growing people and are a major contributor to the rising costs in healthcare. Information Technology (IT) can be used greatly to bring improvement in healthcare domain. A further dimension proposed in improving public management is to add non-spatial and spatial data to create a management system that provide support and logical approach to manage public health using Geographic Information System (GIS). The knowledge of medical geographic
more » ... ormation systems (Medical GIS) has become very important in having larger picture and understanding of public health. A GIS can be used as a source of data repository. Electronic health records of patients will be served as input to GIS, on which knowledge engines and study systems will operate to create support systems for taking appropriate decisions by professionals of public health domain. Electronic systems can be additionally embedded to generate and communicate results, alert and alarm public automatically. The proposed analytical tool in the current study focuses on introspection of GIS in public health, provide awareness and take responsible decisions related to geographical, demographical and socio-economical factors linked to epidemics, diseases and health of public. The proposed knowledge system is capable of predicting many other concerned consequences like disease spread, requirement of clinicians, equipment and medicines requirements etc. to help sustained management of resources. Such proposed systems hence if replicated in developing nations like India will help eliminating rise of epidemics by making government and public both vigilant.
doi:10.21275/v4i11.nov151123 fatcat:222zrct7mvgedbufmclf6zmlca