A Type of Microorganism That Can Fix Greenhouse Gas (CO2 and N2 )Simultaneously-Isolation and Validation Experiment of Facultative CO2 and N2-fixing Bacteria

Sheng Zhou, Xiaomin Wang
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 5th International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment Engineering (ICSEEE 2016)   unpublished
The N 2 -fixing microbial azotobacter and the CO 2 -fixing bacteria have been discovered and researched. However, few has been reported so far that can fix CO 2 , N 2 simultaneously, while taking CO 2 , N 2 as microbial carbon and nitrogen sources, respectively. This has been called Facultative CO 2 and N 2 -fixing bacteria in this research. A carbon and nitrogen-free medium has been optimized by carbon-fixing medium and nitrogen-fixing medium in this research (airborne CO 2 , N 2 were taken as
more » ... the carbon and nitrogen sources, respectively). A strain of CO 2 and N 2 as the carbon source and nitrogen source, respectively, was isolated by a nitrogen and carbon-free culture medium and has been called HSJ. In addition, the HSJ's characteristics of carbon fixation enzyme activity and nitrogenase activity have been determined. The HSJ with a carbon fixation enzyme(1,5-two ribulose monophosphate carboxylase ) specificity of cbbL gene stripe (cbbL in RubisCO genes) and nitrogen-fixing enzyme specificity of nifH gene stripe was detected by PCR and agarose gel electrophoresis. To testify fixing CO 2 and N 2 in the air simultaneously, and CO 2 , N 2 as the carbon and nitrogen sources, respectively, validation testing of the bacterium HSJ was carried out. The sequence analysis of 16SrDNA of the HSJ is subordinate to the strains of Streptomyces.
doi:10.2991/icseee-16.2016.78 fatcat:nvu5ttv5pjdhfoszxdnddtlpem