Modeling and Simulation as a Service infrastructure capabilities for discovery, composition and execution of simulation services

Jo Erskine Hannay, Tom van den Berg, Scott Gallant, Kevin Gupton
2020 The Journal of Defence Modeling and Simulation: Applications, Methodology, Technology  
Modeling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) embodies the idea that simulations should be composed quickly for the task at hand from loosely coupled shared components, simulation services, in a cloud-based environment. These simulations are then offered, as composed simulation services, to human and technical consumers. Instrumental to this, is functionality that lets a simulation operator discover and compose simulation services and execute the composition. We describe this functionality in
more » ... ms of what we call MSaaS infrastructure capabilities. Following the idea of stepwise refinement, the discovery and composition of simulation services can be done at design time using implementation-independent information about simulation services and at implementation time using implementation-specific information about simulation services. The execution environment can also be set up at design time and at implementation time. We therefore describe the MSaaS infrastructure capabilities in terms of how they are used on both implementation-independent and implementation-specific service information. By doing these elaborations, we intend to gain greater insight into how to perform simulation service discovery, composition, and execution. We conclude that although much of the required functionality for a MSaaS infrastructure is available through existing platforms and frameworks, it is necessary to offer this functionality as services, alongside (composed) simulation services, to fulfill the MSaaS vision.
doi:10.1177/1548512919896855 fatcat:f7bwzsdk55dm5mirxdc763yjwi