Expression of Activin/Inhibin Receptor and Binding Protein Genes and Regulation of Activin/Inhibin Peptide Secretion in Human Adrenocortical Cells

Teemu Vänttinen, Tiina Kuulasmaa, Jianqi Liu, Raimo Voutilainen
2002 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism  
Activins and inhibins are glycoprotein hormones produced mainly in gonads but also in other organs. They are believed to be important para/autocrine regulators of various cell functions. We investigated activin/inhibin receptor and binding protein gene expression and the regulation of activin/inhibin secretion in human adrenal cells. RT-PCR revealed inhibin/ activin ␣-, ␤A/B-subunit, follistatin,
doi:10.1210/jc.2002-020460 pmid:12213882 fatcat:yhyklc6xwjg4nfztjmytdt7zs4