Ex uno, plures–From One Tissue to Many Cells: A Review of Single-Cell Transcriptomics in Cardiovascular Biology

Elvira Forte, Micheal A. McLellan, Daniel A. Skelly, Nadia A. Rosenthal
2021 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
Recent technological advances have revolutionized the study of tissue biology and garnered a greater appreciation for tissue complexity. In order to understand cardiac development, heart tissue homeostasis, and the effects of stress and injury on the cardiovascular system, it is essential to characterize the heart at high cellular resolution. Single-cell profiling provides a more precise definition of tissue composition, cell differentiation trajectories, and intercellular communication,
more » ... d to classical bulk approaches. Here, we aim to review how recent single-cell multi-omic studies have changed our understanding of cell dynamics during cardiac development, and in the healthy and diseased adult myocardium.
doi:10.3390/ijms22042071 pmid:33669808 fatcat:muekv4dz3vhkdcotraipsq2j2e