Optimal control of pitch angle of large wind turbine based on speed differential

Xin GAO, Xiaoyu WANG, Jiahuan HE, R. Weerasinghe, J. Wu, C.-H. Weng
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
In order to improve the power output of wind turbine at low wind speed, this paper studies the aerodynamic performance of wind turbine blades at different installation angles. It is found that the optimal pitch angle of wind turbine can be switched between different installation angles when wind speed changes by introducing wind turbine speed differential feedback signal in PI controller of variable pitch, so as to track the optimal wind energy utilization coefficient The purpose of improving
more » ... nd turbine power output. In order to verify the reliability of the analysis results, bladed is used to simulate the model of a 1.5MW unit with pitch differential control signal. At the same time, the research results are applied to the actual operation of the unit. The results show that the power curve of the wind turbine unit at low wind speed can be improved and the annual power generation can be increased by 1.24%.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202019403008 fatcat:kweqzip5wzgibgd6kwa6dvny44