T. A. Vassel, N. G. Ivanova
2017 Финансы: теория и практика  
The research studies the role of the Federal Treasury in reforming the budget process in the Russian Federation. It analyses the key areas in which there are drastic changes both in the activity of the Russian Treasury and in the management of public finances as a whole.The methodological basis of the research is formal-logical and systematic approaches, analysis of trends in the development of the Federal Treasury and its role in the management of public finances in the Russian Federation. The
more » ... research analyses the provisions of the new revision of the Budget Code of the Russian Federation which provides for the formation of the legal basis for the system of the budget (Treasury) payments that will ensure for budget execution to transit from counter to treasury services with a help of single treasury account.The result of the research shows that further reform process of budget payments should take place under the conditions of full implementation of the "Electronic Budget" which allows providing funds management through automation of the cash plan in the budget system of the Russian Federation, a single treasury liquidity management (budget) account, effecting budget payments, the processing of bank statement.
doi:10.26794/2587-5671-2015-0-4-83-93 doaj:7daae03063c544289df630021c607cb5 fatcat:bpxo6mgzincy3fwdrthcgs4uui