Pharmacognostic standardization and phytochemical screening of albizzia lebbeck

Rahul Chulet, Lincy Joseph, Methew George, Pankaj Pradhan
2010 J. Chem. Pharm. Res   unpublished
Pharmacognostical standardization and phytochemical screening of Albizzia lebbeck leaves were assessed. Transverse section of Albizzia lebbeck leaves shows an upper and lower single horizontal layered epidermis followed by spongy parenchyma on both lower and upper surfaces, parenchymatous cells are thin-walled with intercellular space. Bundle sheath is present surrounding vascular bundle consist 8-10 layers of parenchymatous cells. Phytochemical screening of ethyl acetate, ethanolic and water
more » ... ceration extracts of leaves shows presence of different chemical constituents like alkaloids, tannins, carbohydrates, flavanoids, proteins and Amino acids. Foaming index is less then 100 which indicate presence of saponins in leaves which finally proves by quantitative determination of total saponin 1.4% and total flavanoids 0.6%. Water soluble extractives are more then alcohol soluble extractives show more water soluble constituents in the leaves.