the concept of judicial bill

Javad Kashani
2017 Faṣlnāmah-i Pizhūhish-i Huqūq-i ̒Umūmī  
According to article 158 (2) constitution, the head of the judiciary branch is responsible for Drafting judiciary bills appropriate for the Islamic Republic. So however according to article 74 government bills are presented to the Assembly after receiving the approval of the Council of Ministers. Members' bills may be introduced in the Islamic Consultative Assembly. Neither constitution nor ordinary laws didn't definite Judiciary bill and competency to bring it by the head of the judiciary
more » ... the judiciary branch is unable or at list is silent. The Guardian Council by issuing interpretation and the Assembly by legislation on authorities of the head of the judiciary branch tried to answer to questions as fallow: what is the concept and contain of judiciary bill? Dose the head of the judiciary branch competence initially to present judiciary bills to Assembly? This essay try to review mentioned problems and questions and to examine them for future research and debats.
doi:10.22054/qjpl.2017.7174 doaj:08b4d2ce900c4458be13a3b259017268 fatcat:mktnsihlsfhpdae6pun2tojweu