Shortcuts to adiabaticity from linear response theory

Thiago V. Acconcia, Marcus V. S. Bonança, Sebastian Deffner
2015 Physical Review E  
A shortcut to adiabaticity is a finite-time process that produces the same final state as would result from infinitely slow driving. We show that such shortcuts can be found for weak perturbations from linear response theory. With the help of phenomenological response functions a simple expression for the excess work is found -- quantifying the nonequilibrium excitations. For two specific examples, the quantum parametric oscillator and the spin-1/2 in a time-dependent magnetic field, we show
more » ... c field, we show that finite-time zeros of the excess work indicate the existence of shortcuts. Finally, we propose a degenerate family of protocols, which facilitate shortcuts to adiabaticity for specific and very short driving times.
doi:10.1103/physreve.92.042148 pmid:26565209 fatcat:4xnqpi3gzfhyne4hfyub55tq5a