Application of a Steady Meandering River with Piers Using a Lattice Boltzmann Sub-Grid Model in Curvilinear Coordinate Grid

Liping Chen, Zhuangming Zhao, Ping Huang
2018 Water  
A sub-grid multiple relaxation time (MRT) lattice Boltzmann model with curvilinear coordinates is applied to simulate an artificial meandering river. The method is based on the D2Q9 model and standard Smagorinsky sub-grid scale (SGS) model is introduced to simulate meandering flows. The interpolation supplemented lattice Boltzmann method (ISLBM) and the non-equilibrium extrapolation method are used for second-order accuracy and boundary conditions. The proposed model was validated by a
more » ... dated by a meandering channel with a 180 • bend and applied to a steady curved river with piers. Excellent agreement between the simulated results and previous computational and experimental data was found, showing that MRT-LBM (MRT lattice Boltzmann method) coupled with a Smagorinsky sub-grid scale (SGS) model in a curvilinear coordinates grid is capable of simulating practical meandering flows.
doi:10.3390/w10050615 fatcat:mbhxfcbsvjepbnrbil6rtanlxu