Uniform Lower Bound for Intersection Numbers of ψ-Classes

Vincent Delecroix, Domaine universitaire, France, Élise Goujard, Peter Zograf, Anton Zorich, Université de Bordeaux, France, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia, Skoltech, Russia
2020 Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications  
We approximate intersection numbers ψ d1 1 · · · ψ dn n g,n on Deligne-Mumford's moduli space M g,n of genus g stable complex curves with n marked points by certain closedform expressions in d 1 , . . . , d n . Conjecturally, these approximations become asymptotically exact uniformly in d i when g → ∞ and n remains bounded or grows slowly. In this note we prove a lower bound for the intersection numbers in terms of the above-mentioned approximating expressions multiplied by an explicit factor
more » ... g, n), which tends to 1 when g → ∞ and d 1 + · · · + d n−2 = o(g).
doi:10.3842/sigma.2020.086 fatcat:bkvse6kgnrc45hqn2g7y2wqonu