Original Article Increased expression of SOX4 contributes to ovarian cancer progression

Yue Qian, Yan Chen
2016 unpublished
SOX4 is suggested as a critical factor in many types of cancer progression. However, the function of SOX4 in ovarian cancer is poorly reported. This study is aim at revealing the expression pattern and biological function of SOX4 in ovarian cancer. We examined the SOX4 protein level in ovarian cancer tissues. Further, HO-8910 and SKOV3 were selected to carry out RNA interference. Cell proliferation, apoptosis, metastasis and relative protein levels of EMT pathway were analyzed respectively. Our
more » ... d respectively. Our data implicated that the SOX4 protein level is significantly higher in ovarian tumor tissues as comparing to adjacent normal tissues. And silencing of SOX4 in ovarian cancer cell lines inhibited cell proliferation and metastasis, but induced cell apoptosis. Moreover, depletion of SOX4 depressed epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) process by up-regulating the protein expression of E-cadherin, while down-regulating the protein expression of Snail, MMP9 and Twist. In summary, this study demonstrates that SOX4 is highly expressed in ovarian cancer tissues and functions as an oncogene in ovarian cancer progression. And this result may identify SOX4 as a new and useful therapeutic target for ovarian cancer treatment.