Formulation Development and Optimization by 2X3 Factorial Design of Novel Prednisone Loaded Mucoadhesive Liposomal Formulation

Priyanka Raj G, Parthiban S, Senthil Kumar GP
2019 American Journal of PharmTech Research  
The aim of the present investigation was to design a mucoadhesive liposomal system of Prednisone for the treatment of arthritis, severe allergic reaction multiple sclerosis that is capable of delivering entrapped drug over an extended period of time. Mucoadhesive liposomal formulations were prepared by different concentration of lecithin and cholesterol by thin film hydration technique followed by coating of liposomes by 0.2 % w/v of chitosan and Liposomes were evaluated for entrapment
more » ... y, particle size, zeta potential, surface morphology and invitro drug release and stability study of coated formulation. Particle size of the F4, F5 and F6 formulation was found to be 212 nm, 131 nm and 340 nm respectively and zeta potential were -164.9 mV, 165 mV and -9.6 mV, respectively. Highest entrapment efficiency was observed in the ranged of 83 % to 98% for formulation F1 ˗F8 and CF1-CF2 were 90.87 % to 94.68%. The percent drug release from F1-F8 was varied and affected by drug loading, soyalecitin and cholesterol concentration and followed non-Fickian diffusion mechanism. 2x3 factorial design were applied and studied the effect of parameter on entrapment efficiency and in vitro drug release at 2hrs, 6hrs, 12 hrs by using QI Macros R software.
doi:10.46624/ajptr.2019.v9.i3.014 fatcat:4ei6eftyjzd43l3gqrq4uzknzu