Damage-spreading simulations through exact relations for the two-dimensional Potts ferromagnet

A. S. Anjos, D. A. Moreira, A. M. Mariz, F. D. Nobre
2006 Physical Review E  
A powerful computational method for dealing with correlation functions in magnetic systems, based on damage-spreading simulations, is reviewed and tested, by investigating the q-state Potts ferromagnet, on a square lattice, at criticality. Exact relations involving special kinds of damage and the spin-spin correlation function, as well as the magnetization, are used. The efficiency of the method arises with a significant reduction of the finite-size effects, with respect to conventional Monte
more » ... onventional Monte Carlo simulations. Correlation functions, which represent usually a hard task within this latter procedure, appear to be much more easily estimated through the present damage-spreading simulations. The effectiveness of the technique is illustrated by an accurate estimate of the exponent , of the spin-spin correlation function, for q = 2, 3, and 4, with rather small lattice sizes. In the cases q ജ 5, an analysis of the magnetization is consistent with the well-known first-order phase transition.
doi:10.1103/physreve.74.016703 pmid:16907212 fatcat:xmya3cioi5bstf3yz2qv6xyndm