Conceptual information about size of objects in nouns

Annalisa Setti, Nicoletta Caramelli, Anna M. Borghi
2009 The European Journal of Cognitive Psychology  
Two experiments provide evidence that information about the real-life size of objects is elicited by nouns. A priming paradigm was used with a category membership verification task. The results showed that targets were responded to faster when preceded by a same size prime, and that large entities were processed faster than small ones. Overall, our results significantly extend previous work on perceptual information elicited by concepts [e.g., Zwaan & Yaxley, 2004 , Lateralization of
more » ... ation of object-shape information in semantic processing. Cognition, 94, B35-B43] and, in particular, on size information [e.g., Rubinstein & Henik, 2002, Is an ant larger than a lion? Acta Psychologica, 111, 141-154] by means of a sizeunrelated paradigm.
doi:10.1080/09541440802469499 fatcat:w424hvcfprhezh5ns5zo4nwkuu