Nitrile Hydratase-Catalyzed Production of Nicotinamide from 3-Cyanopyridine in Rhodococcus rhodochrous J1

Toru Nagasawa, Caluwadewa Deepal Mathew, Jacques Mauger, Hideaki Yamada
1988 Applied and Environmental Microbiology  
Nitrile hydratase, which occurs abundantly in cells of Rhodococcus rhodochrous Jl isolated from soil samples, catalyzes the hydration of 3-cyanopyridine to nicotinamide. By using resting cells, the reaction conditions for nicotinamide production were optimized. Under the optimum conditions, 100% of the added 12 M 3-cyanopyridine was converted to nicotinamide without the formation of nicotinic acid, and the highest yield achieved was 1,465 g of nicotinamide per liter of reaction mixture
more » ... g resting cells (1.48 g as dry cell weight) in 9 h. The nicotinamide produced was crystallized and then identified physicochemically. The further conversion of the nicotinamide to nicotinic acid was due to the low activity of nicotinamide as a substrate for the amidase(s) present in this organism.
doi:10.1128/aem.54.7.1766-1769.1988 fatcat:4xextufkajayjowq533kyf4vau