Re-Entrant Honeycomb Auxetic Structure with Enhanced Directional Properties

Farrukh Mustahsan, Sohaib Z. Khan, Asad A. Zaidi, Yaser H. Alahmadi, Essam R. I. Mahmoud, Hamad Almohamadi
2022 Materials  
This paper presents a modified re-entrant honeycomb auxetic structure. The structure is constructed by adding an additional horizontal member between the vertical and re-entrant member of the semi-re-entrant honeycomb model to increase the overall compliance of the structure in order to obtain higher values of negative Poisson's ratio (NPR). An analytical model of the structure is presented, taking into account the bending, shear, and axial deformations. The model is verified using finite
more » ... t analysis (FEA) and tensile testing. The results of FEA and tensile testing corroborate the results of the presented mathematical model. The structure is also compared to the existing re-entrant honeycomb structure. The newly added strut has shown a direct effect on the directional properties of the overall structure. With an increase in the newly added strut to re-entrant lengths, NPR was significantly enhanced in the x-direction and reduced in the y-direction loadings. The structure shows an improved Young's modulus compared to solid material in both loading directions, especially for the low values of the new strut and re-entrant lengths ratio. The structure also shows that high NPR can be achieved for low relative density compared to semi re-entrant honeycomb structure.
doi:10.3390/ma15228022 pmid:36431508 pmcid:PMC9696268 fatcat:4mjmskjc3fcddoveftopoavdni