Effect of scale on long-range random graphs and chromosomal inversions

Nathanaël Berestycki, Richard Pymar
2012 The Annals of Applied Probability  
We consider bond percolation on n vertices on a circle where edges are permitted between vertices whose spacing is at most some number L=L(n). We show that the resulting random graph gets a giant component when L≫( n)^2 (when the mean degree exceeds 1) but not when L≪ n. The proof uses comparisons to branching random walks. We also consider a related process of random transpositions of n particles on a circle, where transpositions only occur again if the spacing is at most L. Then the process
more » ... hibits the mean-field behavior described by Berestycki and Durrett if and only if L(n) tends to infinity, no matter how slowly. Thus there are regimes where the random graph has no giant component but the random walk nevertheless has a phase transition. We discuss possible relevance of these results for a dataset coming from D. repleta and D. melanogaster and for the typical length of chromosomal inversions.
doi:10.1214/11-aap793 fatcat:6i7m7arzara5rp75zz4i5xsqky