Speech Problems in Three Aged Children

1973 Jibi to Rinsho  
The authors tested speech understanding in 136 cases of three aged normal children (68 boys and 68 girls). Six questions, 22 details were presented to children. These questions consisted of speaking of their full name, understanding of three primary colors, understading of one and more one, pointing to picture cards by understanding of their uses or special features and understanding of directions about positions. The percentage of correct answers to these questions was calculated. The
more » ... e of correct answers to speaking of full name was 75.0%, that to understanding of two colors amoung three primary colors was 64.7%, that to understnding of one and one more was approximately 90%. Generally speaking, the children in a later half of three years of age gave a higher percentage of correct answer than those in a fomer half, especially to speaking of full name and understanding of colors and positions. The percentage of correct answers was higher in girls than in boys, especially to understanding of colors, positions and numbers. In opposition, the percentage of correct answers to understanding of uses and special features of objects was relatively higher in boys than in girls.
doi:10.11334/jibi1954.19.5_601 fatcat:kphiubgk5vf5hj46xxkbfg5hce