Evolution and Consciousness: The Role of Speech in the Origin and Development of Human Nature

D Of Mind Armstrong, N Malcolm, S Blackmore, J Campbell, K Campbell, P Carruthers, D Chalmers, P Churchland, P Churchland, L Dewart
1984 Consciousness in Action   unpublished
This is a bibliography of books and articles on consciousness in philosophy, cognitive science, and neuroscience over the last 34 years. There are three main sections, devoted to monographs, edited collections of papers, and articles. The first two of these sections are each divided into three subsections containing books in each of the main areas of research. The third section is divided into 12 subsections, with 10 subject headings for philosophical articles along with two additional
more » ... ns for articles in cognitive science and neuroscience. Of course the division is somewhat arbitrary, but I hope that it makes the bibliography easier to use. This bibliography has first been compiled by Thomas Metzinger and David Chalmers to appear in print in two philosophical anthologies on conscious experience (Metzinger 1995a, b). From 1995 onwards it has been continuously updated by Thomas Metzinger, and now is freely available as a PDF-, RTF-, or HTML-file from his personal homepage at http://www.philosophie.uni-mainz.de/metzinger/. Other formats are available upon request. This bibliography mainly attempts to cover the Anglo-Saxon and German debates, in a non-annotated, fully formatted way that makes it easy to "cut and paste" from the original file. To a certain degree this bibliography also contains items in other languages than English and German-all submissions in other languages are welcome. Please submit new entries, errata etc. to metzinger@uni-mainz.de. Last update of current version: December