A V region mutation in a phosphocholine-binding monoclonal antibody results in loss of antigen binding

B J Kobrin, S Buhl, M J Shulman, M D Scharff
1991 Journal of Immunology  
A V region mutant producing an antibody that had lost the ability to bind phosphocholine was isolated from a hybridoma producing a germline encoded T15 antibody. The mutation resulted in a single aspartic acid to asparagine substitution at residue 95 of the H chain V region. This confirms that the aspartic acid at residue 95 plays a major role in Ag binding. The results also suggest that somatic cell genetic techniques can be used to generate mAb with useful changes in Ag binding.
doi:10.4049/jimmunol.146.6.2017 fatcat:7eee4b3alve2fo5zzmk4jvmn4e